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MPF Products Inc. specializes in designing and manufacturing products that require ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. MPF employs active-alloy metallizing as well as traditional ceramic metallizing (Mo-Mn), combined with advanced vacuum brazing techniques to bond ceramics to metals. These methods are fundamental to providing the hermetic seals required for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) components.

Our scientists and engineers have produced thousands of standard and custom designs for electrical feedthroughs, connectors, and viewports, using MPF’s proprietary metallizing and brazing processes for joining ceramic and metal components into hermetic assemblies. High purity Alumina (Al2O3), Kovar, OFHC Copper and 300 Series Stainless Steel are the most common materials used. MPF also utilizes numerous other specialized materials to meet application demands or customer specifications.

Let MPF review your application or assembly design; and our technical team will provide critical analysis to help improve your item's costs, quality and performance!

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