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MHV Coaxial Feedthroughs

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BNC and MHV Feedthroughs with Compact Size and "Quick Connect" Convenience

BNC and MHV Specifications for Grounded and Floating Coaxial

Bayonet Naval Connector (BNC) feedthroughs are very popular due to their quick connect coupling and compact overall size. BNC series are commonly used for low power transmission and are rated to 500 Volts DC. Miniature High Voltage (MHV) feedthroughs are very similar to the BNC series, but the MHV series is capable of handling much higher power transmission. Although they are very similar in design, MHV and BNC connectors are not compatible. MHV feedthroughs and mating connectors are rated to 5000 Volts DC

Single/Double Ended: Single/Double
Electrical Rating: Voltage: 500 Volts DC Current: 3 Amps
Thermal Rating:  Feedthrough: -200 to 450oC Air-side Connector: -65 to 165oC
304 Stainless Steel

Operating Conditions

The electrical and thermal ratings specified are safe operating limits determined by various factors including material properties, mechanical design, and the intended operating environment. All electrical ratings are based on operation with one side in dry atmosphere and the other side in vacuum of 1 x 10-4 Torr maximum pressure. Temperature ratings for various mounting options may reduce the operating range of an assembly. All assemblies have a maximum thermal gradient of 25oC per minute and may be damaged if this limit is exceeded.

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