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To Our Partners in the Scientific Community

April 6, 2020
 •  5:01 pm

During this period of national crisis, we want to address our friends, colleagues, and clients in the scientific community. While vast swathes of the country have been on “lock down” in response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, we are doing our part to prepare for the latter stages of the emergency response to this pandemic, providing the precision scientific components necessary to help analyze and develop treatments for this particularly lethal coronavirus strain.

According to the CDC, there will be four phases to the pandemic coinciding with four responses: Phase 1 and Phase 2 will focus on mitigating the spread of the virus, as well as providing frontline healthcare workers the medical supplies, equipment, and infrastructure they will need to treat the patients.

Phase 3 and 4 will be returning to normal life: gradually lifting social isolation, continuing to monitor for outbreaks, and developing a vaccine for Covid-19.

Understanding the virus will be particularly important in the coming months because Covid-19 is now here to stay. Indeed, many epidemiologists suggest that Covid-19 may follow infection patterns similar to the seasonal flu. In short, we may see the virus subside in May or June, only to return again in autumn.

Scientists in the field pf mass spectrometry are already studying the SARS-CoV-2 virus in order to stimulate how Covid-19 operates in the human body at a molecular level. MPF provides critical parts for these researchers: our Viewports and Electrical Feedthroughs are designed to withstand extreme environments and light sources, helping scientists shine a literal and figurative light on this virus.  

As a manufacturer of electrical feedthroughs and optical viewports, our role in this pandemic will be to assist these labs and researchers as they analyze the virus—understanding its atomic profile in order to gain a better sense of Covid-19’s transmission patterns and biologic identity. From virologists in need of microscopy equipment, genomic scientists, and those labs constructing “the next generation of X-rays” in order to develop better and more targeted drug therapies and vaccines, among many others, MPF plans to play an instrumental role in meeting the equipment needs of scientists.

It is incumbent upon America’s critical-mission industries to tackle this pandemic head-on, and MPF will continue to support the ongoing efforts of scientists in the analysis of Covid-19 and other transmissible illnesses to come. To our partners in the scientific community—we’re here to help.


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