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The properties of Sapphire makes this material ideal for use in harsh environments.  It has a unique combination of excellent physical, chemical and optical properties that allow Sapphire to retain its composition at elevated temperatures.  Sapphire will resist attack from acids and alkali up to 1000°C as well as Hydrofluoric Acid below 300°C.  Sapphire is inherently birefringent.  Sapphire has a transmission range from UV to NIR.

MPF Products, Inc. does not approve the use of ultrasonic cleaning for any viewport.  We ship our viewports UHV ready.  You may simply blow off the glass to remove any contaminants with clean, dry air.  For additional cleaning steps for particulates or contamination from other processes, please review our cleaning procedures at https://mpfpi.wpengine.com/resources/category/uhv-viewport-cleaning-notes/.

Bake-Out Ramp Rate: 20°C per Minute