MPF's Design Capabilities

We have strong capabilities in our Design Team, Equipment and Testing

MPF Products, Inc. is consistently upgrading Design Tools, Equipment and Testing to bring high-quality and reliable products to our customers.


  • Dedicated Engineering Team
  • Solid Works release 28 With FEA analysis¬†
  • Design Tolerance to +/- .005¬†
  • Brazing Sizes +30‚ÄĚ X +17‚Ä̬†
  • Active Metal Sealing¬†
  • Molybdenum Manganese Thick Film Metallization¬†
  • Spring Energized & Glass Ceramic Hermetic Sealing¬†
  • Over 2,200 Standard Designs


  • Multiple Brazing Ovens (vacuum & partial pressure)¬†
  • Multiple Inficon UL 1100 Leak Test Stations¬†
  • Multiple TIG stations¬†
  • Manufacturing In-Station Flow Hoods¬†
  • XRF Metal Analysis Tool¬†
  • Multiple Glove Boxes and Mechanical Cleaning Tools¬†
  • Hi Power Digital Microscopes¬†
  • Various Machining and Turning Centers


  • High Temperature to 600C¬†
  • Cryogenic Quenching to -196C¬†
  • Hi Pot Testing 40KV Analog Read-Out¬†
  • HI Pot Testing 20KV Digital Read-Out¬†
  • Production Leak Testing 1x 10 -9 cc/sec He¬†
  • Pressure Testing to 30,000 PSI¬†
  • Magnetic Permeability testing < 1.01¬Ķ¬†
  • 100% Inspection 2000 Meg Ohm Electrical Testing