Beam Positioning Feedthroughs

BPM's are used in High Energy Physics to monitor beam position. It is important to have precise UHV ready parts for these applications.

MPF Products manufactures RF Coaxial connectors as an integral part of a Beam Position Monitor. These devices are used in High Energy Physics applications worldwide to gather characteristics about a beam’s size, shape, location, and intensity. These connectors are designed for UHV, high temperature environments with a capacitive button/antenna used for non-destructive diagnosis. MPF’s Beam Positioning Feedthroughs are used in leading edge synchrotrons, accelerators, cyclotrons, and light source facilities around the globe.

We utilize 304SS, 304LSS, 316L, 316LN and titanium materials. Our units also have a flatness of Antenna-to-Housing (within .002”), concentricity of Antenna-to-Housing (within .002”), parallelism (within .002”), perpendicularity (within .002”) and have matched-impedance.