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We are your Ceramic-To-Metal source for Selection, Support and Service. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance and Material handling team with the latest Keyence measuring tools. With thousands of metal and ceramics components in inventory, we can offer a reduced lead time that our customers can rely on. We operate from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and we are excited to pick up your call and have a conversation about your needs.

Since 1994, Manufacturing Precision Feedthrough Products, Inc (MPF Products, Inc.) has designed and manufactured ceramic to metal components for various industries in critical and harsh environments all over the world. These environments require the most robustly designed seals for UHV and high-temperature atmospheres. We incorporate the use of both metalized ceramics and active alloy sealing methods to offer the most appropriate design for our customers’ applications. With over 100 years of combined experience, you can rely on us to meet your critical requirements in vacuum science, mechanical design, and materials knowledge

We have over 2,200 standard designs. We offer Power, Electrical, E-Beam, and Thermocouple feedthroughs on an assortment of standard mounting hardware. We also offer Laser & Optical grade UHV Viewports for high pressure and non-magnetic applications with Anti-Reflective Coatings. The alumina oxide breaks are designed to have various inside/outside diameters and utilize rotating style Conflat (CF) flanges. Our coaxial connector section offers SMA, BNC, SMB, Microdot, MHV, along with the 5KV, 10KV, and 20KV SHV – all with features of being double-ended with optional floating shield isolation.

We also have a large selection of Air and Vacuum side accessories such as Miniature Spaded plugs for our Thermocouple feedthroughs; crimp, barrel, and push-on contacts for our power & T/C feedthroughs; silver plated Kapton coated copper wire for in-vacuum cabling, Mil-Spec 5015, Sub D, and Micro D plugs; and a variety of Alumina Oxide ceramics for spacers, beads, and standoffs. We serve multiple industries including; Semiconductor, Energy, Photonics, Life Science, Medical, Nanotechnology, Aerospace, and Defense.

Custom Double-Ended Cold Window Assembly

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