MPF Thermocouple connectors are provided in both circular & spaded varieties. These connectors can be found for Type C, E, J, K, & N, and are provided in both air-side & vacuum-side styles. 

  • MPF - A1176-1-CN MS Series Vacuum Side Connector, 10 Pair Thermocouple, Type E, Accepts 0.056" Dia. Pins

    Instrumentation 5015 Circular (13)

    MPF Instrumentation 5015 Circular Connectors range from 2 - 10 thermocouple pairs, to ensure that all MPF thermocouple feedthroughs can be quickly & consistently connected. They are made in air-side & vacuum-side styles, with vacuum-safe materials used to ensure superior vacuum conditions.
  • Miniature Thermocouple In-Vacuum Connector, 1 Pair, Type K

    Spaded (9)

    MPF Thermocouple Spaded Connectors are provided in Type C, E, J, K, & N styles, and can be found in air-side and vacuum-side varieties. 
  • Contact

    Contact (7)

    MPF provides crimp-on contacts for Micro-D connectors, as well as Alumel, Chromel, Constantin-J, Iron, & Nickel contacts for various thermocouple types.