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Breaking New Ground

MPF’s Remarkable Journey Culminates in an Expanded Manufacturing Facility On October 10, 2023, MPF celebrated a historic groundbreaking ceremony at their Gray Court, South Carolina location. This event marked the beginning of construction for a two-story structure covering an impressive

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Purchase order system

MPFs Quick and Easy Purchase Order System

The MPF Purchase Order Process is a streamlined and efficient way to get your orders processed and delivered. The process begins with the MPF Sales Team carefully reviewing your purchase order and assigning a new MPF Part Number. The Contract

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MPF Products Installs New ISO Cleanroom

MPF Products recently installed a new 1,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art ISO Cleanroom featuring ISO Class 8, Class 7, and Class 5 sections used to ensure the highest quality super polished, low absorption optics and high-power coatings available. What Is A

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Ultimate Guide to Power Feedthroughs

Introduction In 1905, Albert Einstein wrote what has been described as “the most revolutionary sentence written by a physicist of the 20th century.” According to the assumption to be contemplated here, when a light ray is spreading from a point,

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6 Things to Look for in An Electrical Feedthrough | MPF

Electrical Feedthroughs for Your UHV Electrical feedthroughs (or high-powered feedthroughs) transmit voltage or current into your high or ultra high vacuum environment. They are necessary for a number of scientific—we’re looking at you SpaceX!— and industrial applications.   But when you

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MPF’s Optical Engineering Expertise

With 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing UHV (ultra-high vacuum) assemblies with optical components, MPF has emerged as a leader in the field of precision optics. We have the ability to support industry and the scientific community in

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Our Quantum Leap: The MPF Story

For the past 27 years, MPF has been pushing the envelope, innovating and refining our manufacturing processes to better serve our clients.   “The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction

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ISO verified components for vacuum chambers

ISO Certified Parts for Your Vacuum Vessel

When you’re “shopping” for components for your UHV chamber, it’s important that you are able verify that the manufacturer of said components has the necessary quality control systems in place.   The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the most august

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