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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Ultra High Vacuum System

MPF’s Precision High Vacuum Components

Yes. MPF’s in-house technical experts have worked with thousands of clients to offer input on the design of your custom UHV system.

Our standard catalog includes 2,200 standard components. But we excel in the manufacture of custom components and bespoke ultra high vacuum systems for your specific requirements.

We guarantee accurate quotes on your custom UHV components and system.

Contact our team for more information.

MPF sells power feedthroughs of various voltages.

From 500 volts all the way up to 100KVs, our high-voltage feedthroughs have been used in industry applications ranging from healthcare to food safety.

Our high-voltage feedthroughs come in a variety of configurations with different ceramic lengths for all types of assemblies.

Check out our standard inventory of power feedthroughs here.

MPF viewports are designed with UV and EUV grade Fused Silica and Sapphire. We offer the following coatings on all our UHV viewports:

  • Anti-Reflection (AR)
  • ITO
  • High-Reflective
  • Dielectric
  • Enhanced Metal
  • Partial Reflector
  • Low Loss and Low Absorption

Contact us to learn more about our optical components for viewports and assemblies.

While our standard electric isolators (high-voltage breaks) offer voltage standoff of between 5KV to 60KV, MPF custom manufactures isolators of up to 225,000.

Every UHV isolator from MPF is manufactured as a metal adapter, hermetically bonded to each end of alumina ceramic, allowing for voltage standoff at each end.

Shop all of our Isolators here.

Yes. MPF not only makes custom parts, but has the ability to attach them to both standard and specialty assemblies.

We install custom flanges, mounts, and plates to your assembly.

We can mount the following stainless steel and titanium flanges to your ultra-high vacuum chamber:

  • ISO Flanges
  • KF/QF (Qwik, Kwik, Clamp, and Claw Style) Flanges
  • Wire-Seal Flanges
  • ASA/ANSI Flanges
  • JIS (Japan-Industry Standard) Flanges

Contact us to learn more about our custom mounting capabilities.

All of our components for high vacuum assemblies utilize our patented ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Additionally, we verify that all of our designs are hermetically-sealed through Helium Leak Detection.

Why do you need ceramic-to-metal sealing?

Feedthroughs with ceramic-to-metal sealing provide the highest mechanical strength and electrical insulation, maintaining the integrity of joints at the most extreme temperatures and in the harshest environments.

Maintenance of Components and Quality Control

No. In low vacuum (1×10-1 to 1×10-3) your system is in the glow-discharge area. During this phase of the pump-down process, you have an ionized environment. Applying voltage during pump down will create an electrical short.

See our White Paper on Glow-Discharge Phenomena for more information.

No. They are very specific instructions on cleaning your viewport depending on the type.

Please see our UHV Viewport Cleaning Notes for more information.

MPF carries the prestigious ISO-9001 2015 certification. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has verified that all of the processes MPF employs in the manufacture of vacuum vessel components adhere to the most stringent standards.

We employ a helium leak detector to measure for leaks at <1×10-9 atm cc/sec.

We can also verify up to 1×10 -10 upon request.

You bet. Click here to learn about our Pressure Testing, Magnetic Permeability Testing, and more.

Shipping and Warranty

Yes. Through our website, you can purchase our vacuum vessel components to ship anywhere in the world.

Most standard items ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

Please see our UHV Viewport Cleaning Notes for more information.

MPF guarantees all of its products against defects in production and listed performance data for 12 months after receipt of item.

Questions about Checkout and Stripe:

Before placing an order, create an account and upload your Tax Exemption Certificate. An MPF employee will be notified and will approve your certificate. (This could take up to 24 hours)

Place your order and then contact Customer Service to let them know you uploaded your Tax Exemption Certificate. Once approved, the sales tax will then be refunded back to the card that was used for the purchase.

If you are having trouble placing your order, please contact Customer Service to place your order. 

Yes, if your order has not already shipped, you will need to contact Customer Service and let them know you would like to upgrade your shipping method. Additional shipping charges will apply.

No, unfortunately, it is not capable of doing this. To use your freight collect you would need to contact Customer Service to place your order and provide them with your freight collect information.