E-Beam / Crystal Sensor Feedthroughs

MPF Products, Inc. designs and manufactures a variety of electrical feedthroughs that assist/support the Thin Film Deposition Equipment marketplace. All of our products are Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) compatible and ideally suited to be mounted on Base Plate Bolts or KF Flanges for vacuum ratings between 1×10 -5 cc/sec He to 1×10 -8 cc/sec He.

We offer single pin high amperage designs so you can place a large amount of energy into your source material for your Thermal Evaporation process, or you can choose from a variety of multipins for your Electron Beam Guns or Magnetron Sputtering applications. We also offer standard coaxial feedthroughs that support the needed signal information for your Crystal Sensor Holders and Crystal Sensing Devices to ensure your coating thicknesses are being deposited correctly. We understand your equipment has to be optimized to handle deposition of metal & dielectrics on optical media, architectural glass. medical devices, semiconductor substrates, and industrial products to name a few. Let the MPF Engineering team utilize the latest design software and Keyence CMM Quality Assurance tools to meet your most demanding productivity yields.

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