Multipin M/S Style Connectors

MPF has accessories for it’s large variety of Multipin M/S Style Connectors. These feedthroughs can be found in both air-side & vacuum-side varieties, and in different styles such as, 5015, Sub-D, Sub-C, Octal, 26482, & Micro D. Use the sidebar on the left to assist in your search.

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Product Categories

Prod Cat
  • Instrumentation 83513 Micro D

    Instrumentation 83513 Micro D (16)

    MPF Micro D connectors mount on our 83513 Micro D feedthroughs. These connectors come in connector/cable assemblies which can be purchased in vacuum or airside varieties. MPF Micro D feedthroughs must be used in tandem with MPF Micro D vacuum side connectors. 
  • Instrumentation M/S 26482 (8)

    MPF has connectors for it’s large variety of M/S 26482 multipin feedthroughs. These connectors can be found in both air-side & vacuum-side varieties, with various pin counts. 
  • Intrumentation 24308 Sub D (49)

    These items provide vacuum and airside connectivity to MPF Sub D feedthroughs. This category includes vacuum cables and contacts, as well as airside connector kits.
  • Octal (3)

    MPF vacuum and airside octal connectors mount on our e-beam octal feedthrough 
  • Power Feedthroughs (9)

    These vacuum side connectors are designed to connect to feedthroughs with larger, high amperage pins. 
  • Type C

    Type C (6)

    This category includes vacuum and airside connectors, as well as connector/cable assemblies.
  • Type D (2)

    Male and female Sub D/C contacts are made from gold-plated beryllium copper.
  • Instrumentation M/S 5015 (7)