May 21, 2021
 •  2:00 pm

In recent years we have realized the importance of vetting all material used in our products. In order to accomplish that, we have recently purchased a Spectro Xsort gun. This tool “…identifies alloys, detects tramp elements, delivers geochemical data, analyzes precious metals, and determines the coating weight and plating thickness”…(ThermoFisher Scientific).

With the help of the Spectro Xsort Gun we are now able to test all material coming in the door to confirm that they are the metals requested. All components are shipped with a certification, however, we like to re-certify ourselves with the intention to eliminate any uncertainty.

In order to achieve diverse custom orders, our team occasionally has to approach a project with reverse engineering. When doing so, clients may send pieces of parts, or replicas, so that we can find a viable solution. Thanks to our new gadget, MPF Engineers are now able to scan the components that we are sent. By doing so, our team can decipher the right metal to use for the project.

As always, these procedures take place in order to supply our customers with the absolute best products, value, and service.