Power Feedthroughs

Power Feedthroughs Used in High and Ultra High Vacuum Environments

MPF Power Feedthroughs transmit varying amounts of voltage, and current, from an external power supply to inside the vacuum chamber which powers the customer application. Our products provide a wide variety of conductor sizes and alumina ceramic designs to satisfy the electrical system requirements. Our standard designs utilize copper, nickel, molybdenum, and stainless-steel conductors. We offer 500 volts to 100,000 volts with our standard designs.

  • Power Feedthrough, 1000 Volts, 25 Amps, 2 Pins, 0.050" Copper Conductors, 0.747" Dia Stainless Steel Weld Adapter

    Non-Magnetic (2)

    MPF has created 100% non-magnetic feedthroughs. The designs have a magnetic permeability rating of less than 1.001. Our designs are constructed with titanium weld adaptors and copper conductors. They are sold in a weldable form that can be easily mounted to a titanium Conflat, KF/QF, or ASA type flanges. The copper conductors are rated for over 25 amps per conductor lead. The designs can be used from 1-2 KV per lead. They are 100% leak tested at 1x10 -9 cc/sec He and can be baked out to 450C for your Ultra-High-Application.
  • Watercooled

    Watercooled (51)

    MPF’s Watercooled power feedthroughs are often used in applications where high temperatures necessitate cooling. This includes high-amperage applications where the cooling allows more amperage to be pushed through the conductor without raising temperatures past specs. 
  • Power Feedthrough with Power Glove Connector, 20,000 Volts, 1 Amp, 1 Pin, 0.094" Stainless Steel Conductor, 0.50" Dia Stainless Steel Weld Adapter

    Power Glove (35)

    Power glove feedthroughs allow a quick & easy way to connect. They are paired with power glove connectors which both allow an easy connection, as well as increase the standoff of the feedthrough. 
  • Amperage

    Amperage (428)

    Categorized by amperage, these feedthroughs come in a wide variety of current ratings, mounting options, & conductor types, allowing you to find the exact feedthrough necessary for your application. 
  • Voltage

    Voltage (399)

    Ranging from 500V to 100kV, these feedthroughs allow for a large number of uses; from low voltage signaling applications, to high voltage assemblies.