Accessories to mate with MPF Products Multi-pin, Coaxial and Power Feedthroughs

MPF has a large variety of air and vacuum side accessories that are designed to work with ceramic-to-metal specifications. Coaxial plugs, multipin connectors, thermocouple hardware, in-vacuum cables, signal and power contacts, voltage standoff spacers can all be chosen to transmit your energy and data.

  • Coaxial Connectors

    Coaxial Connectors (94)

    MPF has connectors for a large variety of coaxial styles such as MHV, BNC, SHV, SMA, SMB, Type-N, Microdot, & Triaxial. These connectors can be found in both air-side & vacuum-side varieties.
  • Instrumentation M/S 5015

    Instrumentation M/S 5015 (18)

    MPF has connectors for it’s large variety of Instrumentation M/S 5015 multipin feedthroughs. These connectors can be found in both air-side & vacuum-side varieties, with various pin counts. 
  • Thermocouple

    Thermocouple (29)

    MPF Thermocouple connectors are provided in both circular & spaded varieties. These connectors can be found for Type C, E, J, K, & N, and are provided in both air-side & vacuum-side styles. 
  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous (14)

    MPF provides miscellaneous parts that can be vital in creating your final application. These include ceramic spacers & beads, as well as crimping tools & replacement kits.
  • Crimp Connectors, Beryllium-Copper alloy, 0.050" Dia Pin, Package of 10

    Power Feedthroughs (26)

    MPF provides accessories for connecting to it’s various power feedthroughs. These include push-on & in-line contacts, as well as Kapton wire & power gloves, which provide quick & easy ways to connect.
  • Multipin M/S Style Connectors

    Multipin M/S Style Connectors (98)

    MPF has accessories for it’s large variety of Multipin M/S Style Connectors. These feedthroughs can be found in both air-side & vacuum-side varieties, and in different styles such as, 5015, Sub-D, Sub-C, Octal, 26482, & Micro D. Use the sidebar on the left to assist in your search.
  • Kapton Insulated Wire

    Kapton Insulated Wire (82)

    Our assortment of vacuum safe cables & connectors come in a variety of styles such as BNC, SMA, MHV, SHV, & plain wire. Kapton Insulated Wire provides protection for UHV applications.