MPF provides miscellaneous parts that can be vital in creating your final application. These include ceramic spacers & beads, as well as crimping tools & replacement kits.

  • Alumina Spacer, In-Vacuum, Mates with 6-pin Feedthru

    Spacer (5)

    MPF provides Alumina ceramic spacers for various insulating needs. These are used to space out & insulate feedthroughs with conductor counts ranging from 4 - 35. 
  • MPF - A1429-5-C Alumina Bead, In-Vacuum, Accepts 0.128" Dia Wire, Package = 1 Foot Length

    Beads (6)

    MPF provides Alumina ceramic beads for various insulating needs. These are used to insulate lengths of conductors ranging in size from 0.045” - 0.128”. 
  • MPF - A4109-1: Crimp Tool for Subminiature C & D Type Connector Pins (Male or Female)

    Crimp Tool (1)

    MPF provides a high-quality crimping tool to ensure a quick, easy, & consistent crimp on all contacts.
  • MPF - A16347-1-KIT: Poly Flow Tee Kit

    Replacement Kits (2)

    Our Replacement Kits are provided to give quick options for the seals & poly flow tees on our water-cooled feedthroughs.