Project Examples - Custom Engineered Ceramic-to-Metal Parts

We are the technological leader in designing and manufacturing ceramic-to-metal                            hermetic electrical feedthroughs, optical viewports and related components.                                                  In addition to our standard products for UHV feedthroughs, MPF offers extensive                                            engineering capabilities for producing custom ceramic-to-metal assemblies.                                                  Our technical experts offer responsive assistance to provide input for the design                                          and accurate quotations of your requirements.

High Voltage Electron Gun Mount

120KV Tri-pole Heat-Exchanger Assembly Client – MIT Research Lab Application requirements: Customer required an assembly which incorporated 3 ceramic breaks into a water-cooled base mount for a High-Power Electron Gun. The E-gun mount must operate at 120KV and remain electrically

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High Pressure UHV Viewport

Client – Semiconductor R&D Application requirements: 0.6” view fused silica UHV viewport on 2.2” UHV Flange (metal seal, “helicoflex”) UHV Viewport must transmit laser, and be rated to operate at 1500 psi & 200 C (Temperature rating limited by AR

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High Temperature Break

Client – Brookhaven National Labs Application requirements: Sapphire insulator (tube) brazed to Reactor Grade (RRR) Niobium weld adapters. The Niobium and Sapphire components are specific grades for this critical application. Assembly is used as a thermal break in a beam-line

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Feedthrough for High Temperature and High Pressure

Client – Contractor for Government Funded Nuclear Research Application requirements: Electrical Feedthrough was required for connecting 9 foot conductor-cables inside a vessel. Extended ceramic isolator was required to clear 2.5” thick vessel wall and mount-flange. Assembly must be rated to

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Differentially Pumped UHV Viewport

Client – Berkeley Geochronology Application requirements: Laser quality viewport compatible with high temperature exposure, and extreme vacuum requirements of gas extraction-mass spectrometry systems. These systems are used for dating rocks and minerals, and require very fine gas analysis. Systems must

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UHV Viewport with UV Protection

Client: Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer Application requirements: A high vacuum UHV viewport for UV emitting, plasma-process vessel. UV must be blocked while simultaneously allowing the transmission of visible light, both states at high efficiency.

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