Project Examples - Custom Engineered Ceramic-to-Metal Parts

We are the technological leader in designing and manufacturing ceramic-to-metal hermetic electrical feedthroughs, optical viewports and related components. In addition to our standard products for UHV feedthroughs, MPF offers extensive engineering capabilities for producing custom ceramic-to-metal assemblies. Our technical experts offer responsive assistance to provide input for the design and accurate quotations of your requirements.

High Temperature Break

Client – Brookhaven National Labs Application requirements: Sapphire insulator (tube) brazed to Reactor Grade (RRR) Niobium weld adapters. The Niobium and Sapphire components are specific grades for this critical application. Assembly is used as a thermal break in a beam-line application. The assembly must withstand high temperature bake-outs, and cryogenic temperatures for operation. The parts […]

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High Pressure UHV Viewport

Client – Semiconductor R&D Application requirements: 0.6” view fused silica UHV viewport on 2.2” UHV Flange (metal seal, “helicoflex”) UHV Viewport must transmit laser, and be rated to operate at 1500 psi & 200 C (Temperature rating limited by AR Coating) Pressure test to failure at minimum 6000 psi to confirm 4X safety-factor […]

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High Voltage Electron Gun Mount

120KV Tri-pole Heat-Exchanger Assembly Client – MIT Research Lab Application requirements: Customer required an assembly which incorporated 3 ceramic breaks into a water-cooled base mount for a High-Power Electron Gun. The E-gun mount must operate at 120KV and remain electrically isolated from the base flange. The entire assembly requires liquid coolant to circulate thru the […]

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UHV Viewport with UV Protection

Client: Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer Application requirements: A high vacuum UHV viewport for UV emitting, plasma-process vessel. UV must be blocked while simultaneously allowing the transmission of visible light, both states at high efficiency. […]

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Differentially Pumped UHV Viewport

Client – Berkeley Geochronology Application requirements: Laser quality viewport compatible with high temperature exposure, and extreme vacuum requirements of gas extraction-mass spectrometry systems. These systems are used for dating rocks and minerals, and require very fine gas analysis. Systems must be maintained to extremely low vacuum pressures and free from any detectable outgassing. […]

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Feedthrough for High Temperature and High Pressure

Client – Contractor for Government Funded Nuclear Research Application requirements: Electrical Feedthrough was required for connecting 9 foot conductor-cables inside a vessel. Extended ceramic isolator was required to clear 2.5” thick vessel wall and mount-flange. Assembly must be rated to 4160 VAC at 0.5 amps, while operating to 500 degrees F and 500 psi. 3X […]

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