Coaxial Connectors

MPF Products manufactures SMA, BNC, MHV, Type N and numerous other coaxial designations for UHV systems.

MPF’s standard coaxial connectors offer an electrical continuity, through the innermost conductor, while being electrically isolated from the vacuum flange and grounding system. Our coaxial connectors can also have a Floating Shield feature, which offers additional isolation from the chamber ground. These designs can be utilized with standard Mil-Spec airside connectors. We also offer Double-End versions where a connector can be used inside the vacuum chamber. MPF offers numerous coaxial connectors designated to fit varying requirements.

  • MHV

    MHV (54)

    These MHV-style feedthroughs come in a variety of mounting, grounding, & impedance options.
  • BNC

    BNC (62)

    Our BNC feedthroughs allow hermetic connections to your BNC-style coaxial cables in UHV applications.
  • SHV-5KV

    SHV-5KV (60)

    These SHV (Safe High Voltage) feedthroughs are rated for 5,000V.
  • 7/16 DIN Coaxial Connector Feedthroughs

    7/16 DIN Coaxial Connector Feedthroughs (4)

    MPF’s line of 7/16 DIN feedthroughs provide hermetic solutions for your high-powered RF connectors. 

    Microdot (6)

    The Microdot is a small, threaded coaxial style is often used for accelerometers and various other transducers.
  • SMA | Coaxial Connectors

    SMA | Coaxial Connectors (45)

    MPF’s SMA Feedthroughs are a popular style, allowing for hermetic connections on mounting options ranging from welding to conflat. 
  • SHV-10KV

    SHV-10KV (30)

    The 10kV version of the popular SHV connector, are designed for hermetic SHV connections. These Feedthroughs come in a variety of styles including double & single-ended, & exposed conductors. 
  • SHV-20KV

    SHV-20KV (25)

    Our SHV-20kV feedthroughs are our highest voltage coaxial. These connectors are designed to provide a hermetic standoff for your highest voltage applications .
  • SHV-B

    SHV-B (7)

    MPF’s SHV-B coaxial's are bakeable, high-temp feedthroughs, designed to be used with high-temp connectors for your most challenging applications.
  • SMB

    SMB (2)

    SMB Feedthroughs are a small coaxial with a push-on coupling style, allowing for easy connection.
  • Triaxial

    Triaxial (4)

    This category consists of Feedthroughs designed to accommodate triaxial cable connections, allowing for lower interference than standard coaxial styles.
  • Type-N

    Type-N (31)

    Our Type-N feedthroughs come in a variety of styles with options in impedance, shielding, and mounting. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 
  • High Frequency

    High Frequency (50)

    Designed for your highest-frequency needs, this category compiles all of MPF’s high-frequency coaxial feedthroughs, from our 4GHz BNC’s, to our 40GHz SMA K-type feedthroughs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.