Product Sheet Connectivity

Find information regarding assembly instructions, UHV viewport cleaning notes, frequency ratings and more.

Product Sheet Connectivity

New Vacuum Connectivity Solutions

MPF Products, Inc. manufactures electrical feedthroughs for vacuum applications using ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Our hermetic feedthroughs provide the highest reliability available for the transmission of electrical power and instrumentation signals into vacuum process systems. Many Solar (PV) Manufacturers rely on MPF products to provide process and control to their vacuum coating equipment.

UHV Coaxial Cable Assemblies

MPF Products, Inc. offers UHV compatible coaxial cable assemblies for SMA, BNC, MHV and SHV-5 type vacuum feedthroughs.

  • Single or double ended feedthrough connections.
  • Standard 19” and 39” length cables.
  • Custom connector assemblies available

Kapton Insulated Wire

MPF Products, Inc. offers an expanded range of UHV compatible wiring options for Instrumentation, High Voltage, Coaxial, and Thermocouple applications.

  • Rated to 10 kVDC and 5.5 Amps.
  • 50 Ohm Coaxial cable designs.
  • Type K thermocouple wire pairs
  • Temperature Range -75 to 250C