Multipin Connectors

Multipin Connectors Used in High and Ultra High Vacuum Environments

MPF manufactures Multipin Connectors with a single header design and varying conductor qualities. These multipin’s are typically used for the transmission of multiple electrical signals. In some applications, they could also be used for low power requirements. The pin sizes can vary from .032” inches up to .142” inches supporting 1 amp per pin to 40 amps per pin. We offer these designs in Copper, Alumel, Nickel, BeCu, Stainless steel, and Molybdenum conductor materials. We offer instrumentation circular Mil-C-5015 and Mil-C-26482 in addition to Instrumentation rectangular Sub D series 24308 and Micro D series 83513.

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Product Categories

Prod Cat
  • High Amperage

    High Amperage (52)

    Our MS High Amperage Series feedthroughs have some of the same advantages of Mil C 5015 feedthroughs, such as easy connection options, while allowing for higher amperage applications of up to 40A. 
  • High Voltage

    High Voltage (17)

    MPF’s High Voltage Feedthroughs allow voltages of up to 12kV, while mounting up to 7 pins on the smallest weld adapters and flanges possible. These are paired with our MS circular connectors, for an easy and quick connection.
  • Instrumentation Mil C 5015

    Instrumentation Mil C 5015 (75)

    Our Instrumentation M/S 5015 feedthroughs are made to the military specification, & are compatible with corresponding connectors. They are useful for applications needing up to 10A, 700V, and a large number of pins on a small mount. They can be paired with our vacuum safe connectors.
  • M/S 26482

    M/S 26482 (8)

    M/S 26482 Feedthroughs are made to military specifications, and allow high pin density & convenient connection options. 
  • MicroD

    MicroD (16)

    MPF’s line of Micro-D feedthroughs allow for the densest pin configuration currently possible in feedthroughs. Ranging in size from 9 pins to 100 pins, these feedthroughs allow you to pass a large number of signals into your application, while still maintaining a small footprint. 
  • Multipin USB

    Multipin USB (1)

  • Sub D

    Sub D (12)

    Sub-D Mil 24308 Series Feedthroughs are hermetic connectors used for a common connector in High Vacuum or UHV System.
  • Subminiature C

    Subminiature C (8)

    Our Sub-C feedthroughs can be purchased with the corresponding air-side and vac-side connectors, enabling you to have UHV-safe cabling inside your application. 
  • USB

    USB (1)

    Our USB feedthroughs are a convenient way to connect your USB cabling into a UHV chamber through a hermetic seal.