Power Feedthroughs

MPF provides accessories for connecting to it’s various power feedthroughs. These include push-on & in-line contacts, as well as Kapton wire & power gloves, which provide quick & easy ways to connect.

  • Push-on Connectors, Beryllium-Copper alloy, 0.094" Dia Pin, Package of 10

    Push-On Contact (4)

    MPF push-on contacts are made from Beryllium-Copper, & range in size from 0.04” - 0.094”. 
  • MPF - A0725-7-CN In-line Connectors, Beryllium-Copper alloy, 0.16" Dia Pin, Package of 10

    In-Line Contact (6)

    MPF in-line contacts provide a simple way to connect by tightening screws onto the conductor. These are made from Beryllium-Copper, & range in size from 0.059” - 0.26”. 
  • Crimp Connectors, Beryllium-Copper alloy, 0.056" Dia Pin, Package of 10

    Contact (6)

    MPF provides a wide range of contacts for it’s power feedthroughs, including crimp & push-on. These come in a variety of sizes and coatings. 
  • MPF - A2331-1-WR Kapton Insulated In-Vacuum Wire, Solid Core, Thermocouple Pair (Twisted), Type-K, 30 AWG, 19" length

    Kapton Wire (8)

    MPF’s Kapton wire comes in a range of sizes & lengths, and provides a vacuum-safe connection option. These come in multi-strand & solid core options. 
  • High Voltage Power Connector/Cable, 5,000 Volts, 25 Amps

    Power Glove (2)

    These power glove connectors come in two voltage options, & provide a quick & consistent connection to air-side power feedthroughs.