Over Pressure Sapphire Viewports

Over-Pressure Sapphire Viewports are intended for a vacuum system where there is not a burst disc or other device in place to withstand a sudden pressure increase.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vacuum system cannot be pressured beyond the 200 psi rating that MPF’s Over-Pressure Viewports are designed to withstand.  MPF Products Inc. has designed, tested and successfully built numerous Pressure Viewports that are able to withstand 20,000 psi.  Please contact a sales representative for more information.

MPF Products, Inc. does not approve the use of ultrasonic cleaning for any viewport.  We ship our viewports UHV ready.  You may simply blow off the glass to remove any contaminants with clean, dry air.  For additional cleaning steps for particulates or contamination from other processes, please review our cleaning procedures at UHV Viewport Cleaning Notes.

Bake-Out Ramp Rate: 20°C per Minute

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