RF Viewports

RF Viewports transmit RF or microwave power from a vacuum into an air filled an inert gas filled transmission line. An example of this would be a waveguide.  It is a resonant cavity designed to maximize RF (radio frequency) power transmission, with minimal loss over a desired frequency range.

MPF Products, Inc. does not approve the use of ultrasonic cleaning for any viewport.  We ship our viewports UHV ready.  You may simply blow off the glass to remove any contaminants with clean, dry air.  For additional cleaning steps for particulates or contamination from other processes, please review our cleaning procedures at UHV Viewport Cleaning Notes.

Bake-Out Ramp Rate: 20°C per Minute

  • Titanium Window

    Titanium Window (1)

    Our Titanium Window Viewports utilize a precise titanium foil in place of classical window materials.
  • Beryllium (Be) Foil Viewport, RF, UHV Rated Vacuum Optics, 0.90″ View Dia, 2.75″ Conflat Flange

    Beryllium Viewports (1)

    RF Beryllium Viewports are unique in characteristics.  Beryllium viewports are strong enough keep a UHV seal during experiments, but thin enough to allow X-Rays to pass through.  Beryllium RF windows are primarily used for X-Ray detectors.
  • Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO), UHV Rated Vacuum Optics, 0.90″ View Dia, 2.75″ Conflat Flange

    Peek Window (1)

    MPF’s PEEK Window is a highly specialized assembly, designed for x-ray applications & utilizing Polyphenylene Oxide as it’s window material.