Technical Resources

Find information regarding assembly instructions, UHV viewport cleaning notes, frequency ratings and more.

Coaxial Rating

MPF Coaxial Designs Volts Amps Weld OD MicroDot 500 2 .308″ SMB 375 0.5 .187″ SMA 700 1 .495″ BNC...

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Leak Detection Science

All standard part numbers and special assemblies are 100% Helium Leak tested and guaranteed to Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) standards....

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Pressure Testing

MPF Products, Inc. designs and manufactures ceramic-to-metal components for the harsh environment of Ultra High Vacuum applications. We offer pressure...

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Product Sheet Connectivity

New Vacuum Connectivity Solutions MPF Products, Inc. manufactures electrical feedthroughs for vacuum applications using ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Our hermetic feedthroughs...

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Temperature Information

MPF notable temperature FACTS Kelvin Celsius Fahrenheit Absolute Zero 0 -273 -459 Lequid Helium temperture 4 -269 -452 Liquid Nitrogen...

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