Intrumentation 24308 Sub D

These items provide vacuum and airside connectivity to MPF Sub D feedthroughs. This category includes vacuum cables and contacts, as well as airside connector kits.

  • Vacuum Side Cable

    Vacuum Side Cable (29)

    MPF Sub D vacuum side connectors come as pre-attached Kapton cable/connector assemblies. These cables come in both single-ended and double-ended versions.
  • Vacuum Side Contact

    Vacuum Side Contact (16)

    This category includes all standalone Sub D connectors and Kapton cables. Connectors are made from vacuum-safe PEEK material.
  • Subminiature D-type Connector, 50 Pins, Air-Side, Delrin, Female Pins

    Airside Connector (4)

    MPF Sub D Airside connectors are made from Delrin, and are suitable for atmospheric pressures. They come in multiple pin counts.