Germanium (Ge)

This dielectric material category focuses on Germanium (Ge). Germanium (Ge) is a chemical element with an atomic number of 32 and a hard-brittle hardness.

Germanium has a very high refractive index making it essential to add anti-reflection coatings to improve its transmission.  This is a great choice for Infrared applications due to its mechanically rugged background.  The transmission of this style is very sensitive to temperature and above 70°C becomes opaque.

This category consists of specialty viewports that MPF Products, Inc. offers.  MPF Products, Inv. offers a wide variety of optical materials.

MPF Products, Inc. does not approve the use of ultrasonic cleaning for any viewport.  We ship our viewports UHV ready.  You may simply blow off the glass to remove any contaminants with clean, dry air.  For additional cleaning steps for particulates or contamination from other processes, please review our cleaning procedures at UHV Viewport Cleaning Notes.

Bake-Out Ramp Rate: 20°C per Minute

– Germanium (Ge) Transmission Chart

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